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Keys to Innervisions (KIV)

A 16-session comprehensive skill building program targeting adolescents. The program works to change the beliefs and behaviors that lead to violence, drug abuse, and other destructive activities. KIV teaches people how to change. This curriculum is designed to teach step-by-step, and easy to learn processes for making significant changes. These processes are directed at changing behaviors, attitudes, comfort zones, and personal beliefs that perpetuate the cycles of drug abuse, incarceration, and personal failure.

Happy Healthy ME! Program

Based on an evidence-based curriculum called Dare to Be You, designed to educate preschool and elementary age students about themselves and their peers. Through this program the students explore their emotions and opinions while building the vocabulary necessary to deal with these issues without any physical contact. Also incorporated into Happy Healthy ME! are activities designed to build self-esteem through play and practice skills like sharing, taking turns, being respectful and using teamwork. In this program all of the activities build vocabulary, social awareness, and self-esteem.