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Wellness Initiative for Senior Education (WISE)

A wellness and prevention program designed to help older adults celebrate healthy aging, make healthy lifestyle choices and avoid substance abuse. It provides valuable educational services to older adults on the topics of nutrition and exercise, medication use, stress management, depression and substance abuse. This program includes a six-lesson curriculum facilitated by trained prevention specialists once per week over a six-week period. Each lesson is two to three hours in length and includes breakfast or lunch.

The content is organized in a manner to promote the understanding and value of generational diversity in a format that excites and energizes participants to share what they have learned with family, friends, and peers. During the lessons, participants are educated through interactive exercises that include small group discussions and projects. Tools and resources are given to participants to take home, increasing the likelihood that what they have learned will be put into practice and shared.

Other specialized programs for seniors are also available through a partnership with the Somerset County Office on Aging. Please contact us for more information.