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Military Family Nights (MFN) Program

For Military Families, it provides a family dinner at each session, family fun activities, and skill building sessions with gifts and incentives for participating. The program helps both parents and children:

  • Build family communication
  • Identify core family values
  • Encourage proactive behavior
  • Develop positive coping skills
  • Protect against substance abuse

The Achieving Personal Balance Program

For Military Personnel, it focuses on increasing the use of healthy coping skills by returning military veterans. Two groups are open to men 18-25 years old or all women serving or having served in the military. Participants develop skills to help create a healthy balance in their lives.

Achieving Personal Balance and the Military Family Nights (MFN) Program are designed to enhance protective factors to support military members and their families in making responsible parenting and individual choices in regards to drug and alcohol use.