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Strengthening Families Program (SFP)

A free family skills training program, designed to improve family relationships and parenting skills. While the program involves the entire family, its long term goal is to prevent children from using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs later in life. Unfortunately, many families are faced with challenges that hinder their success in life.

When protective factors are present, a child’s chance of abusing drugs decreases. These protective factors include good communication, problem solving skills, and effective discipline. Our program is designed to enhance and strengthen these factors for the families participating.

A 14-week version of SFP is available for families with children aged 13-17 years old and a 7-week version of SFP is available for families with children age 10-14. Any parent or guardian sharing parenting responsibilities of the family may attend with the participating youth. All SFP groups consist of weekly two-hour sessions. Dinner and incentives are available at every session and childcare can be arranged for younger children if necessary.