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Binge Drinking: There are zero positive effects by Somerset County Sheriff Frank J. Provenzano

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Throughout my law enforcement career I have witnessed the devastating effects of binge drinking on far too many occasions. Many young men and women alter their lives forever due to the consequences of binge drinking. Some even die.

As a leader in the law enforcement community, I am committed to increasing awareness among parents and children concerning the devastating effects of binge drinking. As we approach the holidays, binge drinking awareness is increasingly important.

Most people who choose to binge drink are not aware of the risks associated with it. Binge drinking affects one’s health in many serious ways. The most deleterious effect is on the brain which results violent behavior, addictions, depression and suicide.

Overtime binge drinkers are likely to see a decrease in their overall quality of life. Many binge drinkers lose friends and family. Some neglect their obligations and end up full of regrets. There are zero accounts of the after effects of binge drinking being positive. Most effects permanent. This concept may be hard to grasp for individuals who are young and feel invincible, but the negative effects are undeniable. 

Recent research has shown that young college students, who consume 5 drinks or more on 3 or more occasions within a 2 week time frame, are 19 times more likely to develop an alcohol problem than those who abstain.

The main cause of death for adolescent has been related to automobile accidents. One third of those accidents are fatal and the average age range is 15-20 years age. To add insult to injury, binge drinking has increased thoughts of suicide in adolescents by 4 times the national rate.

I understand the temptations young men and women will encounter this holiday season. However, I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to inform and warn them as to the severe and often deadly consequences of such actions. I wish all residents of Somerset County a safe and happy holiday season!

Remember this “Don’t let one night of drinking turn into a life long nightmare.”